HVAC and Condensate Drain Pan: All That You Should Know

Have you been noticing a water leak from your air conditioner? The problem might be in your air conditioner condensate drain pan.

So, what exactly is the air conditioner condensate drain pan?

While your home is being air-conditioned, the work of air condensate drain pan is to collect water dripping from the evaporator coils placed inside the air conditioner.

Where is the air conditioner drain pan located?

First, you need to know about the type of air handler installed in your home in order to access the condensate drain pan.

1.Vertical installation

In this type, the air handler is in the upright position. The AC drain pan is installed either in a utility closet or in a home’s garage. The evaporation coils are located on the top of the unit and the condensate pan right below, making it easily accessible.

2. Horizontal installation

In this type of horizontal installation, the unit is placed in the attic due to limited space. The air handler, in this case, is installed on its sides. The evaporator coils are located beside the air handler, near the air duct, and the air conditioner drip pan is placed right below.

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How does an air conditioner condensate drain pan work?

The air entering your air conditioner is warm and moist. During the heat transfer process, the evaporator coils pull the moisture and heat and release cool air through the ducts, straight into your home. This repeated process leads to the formation of water droplets around the evaporator coils, and the condensate pan collects the water dripping from the coils and moves the collected water and empties it into a sewage system, through a condensate drain line.

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Condensate Drain Pan Problems

Though the job of a condensate drain pan might look simple and easy, there are a few things that may go wrong and require an expert's assistance.

1. Cracked drain pans

Due to the continuous cooling process, there are high chances of wear and tear, and the drain pan can develop cracks. A cracked pan leads to water leakage and is noticeable around the air conditioner.

2. Overflowing drip pan

Does your air conditioner drain pan keeps filling up? It is the result of a clogged drain pan. Foreign particles or dirty air filter can clog the AC drain pan.

3. Wrongly installed system

Many times, the system is not installed properly, leading to water leakage outside the air conditioner. You need to call in a technician for installation.

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