5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Freezing Up at Night

Sometimes you may notice that your air conditioner freezes up at night after operating for a while. This happens because the cold air doesn’t get appropriately discharged and results in the air conditioner freezing up on your outside unit.

Here are 5 reasons why your air conditioner is freezing up at night.

1. Airflow Problems

If your air conditioner unit does not have sufficient air flowing through it, the evaporator coil freezes. It can cause the whole unit to freeze up and stop working. Dirty filters, a faulty fan or blocked vents and ducts can be the cause of insufficient airflow in the system.

2. Air Temperature

The temperature of your outdoor unit can affect the performance of your air conditioner. The air conditioner will function slower if the outside air temperature is too low. When the outside air drops below a specific range, the unit’s pressure drops and the AC freezes up.

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3. Low Coolant Levels

You need to regularly check your system for refrigerant leaks that can also cause your air conditioner to freeze up. The leak causes the pressure in the evaporator coil to drop. Then moisture begins to collect on the unit and causes the unit to freeze up.

4. Blower Motor Problems

If your air conditioner has a defective blower motor, it might freeze up. You can identify a faulty blower motor if the outdoor unit of your ac works, but the indoor portion of your unit does not turn on.

5. Stuck Contactor

A contactor is a small part on the outside portion of an air conditioner that can sometimes get stuck. When this happens, the external unit starts running continuously which eventually leads to air conditioner freezing up your outside unit. This can happen even when the thermostat is off.

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If your air conditioner freezes up at night, you should seek help from professional HVAC technicians to overcome the problem. Contact us today to schedule an AC tune-up with our HVAC experts.

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