Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips You Should Follow to Reduce Costs

Every homeowner should be aware of the condition of their heating and cooling system to avoid surprises in energy bills. Annual inspections are the key to reducing maintenance costs over time. Here's a broader checklist for your fall HVAC maintenance to keep costs to a minimum:

1. Replace Dirty Filters

One of the most important safety precautions you can apply during residential HVAC system maintenance is to check the air filters that can get dirty in a short time. In addition to replacing dirty filters, it's wise to replace worn out belts and pulleys.

2. Inspect for Moisture and Dust

Moisture and dust should be removed from within the residential HVAC system as far as possible. Lines and coils clogged with debris should be cleaned before it turns to grime. Mold can develop near drain pans, as water should be cleared so that the drain lines aren't clogged.

3. Clean Ducts and Airways

The ducts of your residential air conditioning can get dirty in the winter, as mold, dust and debris spread. If left untreated, these conditions can adversely affect people's health. So it's essential to inspect, clean and remove mold and moisture from ducts and airways. Proper air flow from your air conditioning unit is essential for comfort in the spring. Make sure the blades are clean and that the blower motor is operating correctly to ensure cost efficiency.

4. Protect Outdoor Components

The components of your HVAC system that are exposed to outdoor environmental elements should be prioritized for maximum protection. Rooftop units should be protected but not wrapped with air-tight materials. If moisture gets trapped inside the unit, it can lead to rust and corrosion. A cover for your air conditioner should protect against rain, snow, animals, and allow for moisture to escape.

5. Monitor HVAC Equipment Condition

The overall condition of your system should be the primary concern of your Fall HVAC maintenance inspection. The key is to replace any parts that appear to be worn so that they do not cause further damage. If the unit has had any cooling issues it should be inspected by an expert. You should also make sure there are no leaks in your coils and that all electrical connections are tight.


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