How Do You Know When to Replace Your Furnace?

Winters can be unpredictable; therefore, it is essential to create a safe and warm environment at home to help you and your family defend from the cold and snowstorms. Here are a few signs that will help you determine if you need to replace your furnace.

Furnace Is 15 Years or Older

If your furnace is 15 years old and regularly needs maintenance, then it likely needs to be replaced. An older furnace might not operate at maximum efficiency and sometimes result in an increased utility bill. Furnaces, like any mechanical machine, incur the most breakdowns after 15 years. You should replace such an old furnace with a programmable and energy-efficient thermostat to get your maintenance costs and energy bills down.

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Rising Utility Bills

Another sign that might indicate you need a furnace replacement is when your heating bill is increasing steadily over the years. High utility bills are indications that your furnace is under-performing. Older or faulty furnaces run longer to generate the same amount of heat, causing an increase in your utility bills.

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Unusual Amount of Dust

If you notice too much dust in your home or a large amount of dust coming from the heat resistors of your furnace, especially when it starts, it might be the sign of a faulty furnace. Your furnace takes the dirty air from the outside, filters it, heats it, and then blows it throughout the home. As the furnace gets older, its air filters become less efficient, thus allowing more dust to enter your house.

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Popping and Banging Noise

Have you noticed any strange noise coming from your furnace? If yes, then it might be the sign that you need to replace your furnace. As your furnace ages, they begin to make several sounds (such as rattling noises and popping sounds) that can increase with time. Rattling noises are caused by unsecured ductwork, while popping sounds may result from sudden temperature changes.

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Frequent Repairs Over Time

Furnaces are machines, and even the most advanced and hi-tech mechanical devices eventually succumb to old age and malfunction. If there is an increasing number of repairs in the past few years, it is a clear sign that you should start to think for a furnace replacement.

Thermostat Setting Is Never Comfortable

Are some of your rooms too hot and too cold? Are you always adjusting the thermostat setting to stay comfortable? If so, this is a sign that your furnace is not able to distribute the heat properly throughout your home. To avoid this, replace the furnace of your HVAC system as soon as possible.

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